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Regional Resiliency



This is the resource website for Dr. Wayne Caldwell. The latest items available can be found below, and on their corresponding 'Publications' page.



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Rural Landowner Stewardship Guide

The Rural Landowner Stewardship Guide Program was developed as a response to the awareness that the health of the rural landscape depends upon the actions of all rural landowners, and not of farmers alone. To read about the background for the manual, please click HERE. The Guide itself can be downloaded from HERE.



Books Available

Farmland Preservation


The Urbanite's Guide to the Countryside

Farmland Preservation: Land for Future Generations speaks to the importance of farmland as an essential resource, meeting one of the most basic of human needs: food. Read more ...


What do they grow in greenhouses? How many cows are there in Ontario? What is growing in that field? What kind of barn is that? When do they pick all the strawberries?

Read more ...


Huron County: Ontario's West Coast


Doing Democracy with Circles: Engaging Communities in Public Planning

This book compiles many images common to the County of Huron. Images that can take us back to childhood memories and yet reflect our present. Read more ...
Planning what will happen in a community involves bringing together many different perspectives, so that planners can make informed decisions. The goal is to make informed decisions that lead to a desirable future - one that everyone can embrace. Read more ...