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In 1991, farmers in Ontario recognized the need to identify and deal with environmental concerns relating to agricultural production. The Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) is the product of this farmer-driven initiative. Based on the Environmental Farm Plan, the Rural Landowner Stewardship Guide Program was developed as a response to the awareness that the health the rural landscape depends upon the actions of all rural landowners, and not of farmers alone.

The overriding goal of the Rural Landowner Stewardship Guide is to protect and enhance the quality of our natural environment – both groundwater and surface water such as streams, rivers, ravines, creeks, wetlands and lakes, and the natural landscape features that support these ecosystems.

The entire manual is available for download in a PDF version (click on image below). The manual should be printed in landscape format,double-sided in B&W (except for the Cover page, which should be printed in colour on cardstock paper with page 2 on the flipside). The entire document can then be bound on the left side for distribution.

Download the Guide

Download the Guide!


*Note: Right-click to save document. The file is large (~12MB) and may take some time to download. Individual worksheets available for download below.

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Additional Resources

To run a Rural Landowner Stewardship Guide workshop, the following materials may be needed:


We have a listserv that will be used to share information and experiences with the Rural Landowner Stewardship Guide. To get on the list, send an e-mail to: stewardshipguide@gmail.com with the following text in the body of the e-mail: SUBSCRIBE stewardshipmanual