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Research Proposal


Literature Review


Final Report


Green Infrastructure for Ontario's Rural Communities: Using Nature for Community Economic Development and Resilience

Principle Researcher: Dr. W.J. Caldwell, Professor,

School of Environmental Design and Rural Development

University of Guelph


Research Team: Paul Kraehling, Jaime Dubyna, Jonathan Pauk


With support from:

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


Executive Summary

This research examines barriers/opportunities for using nature/natural systems as a mechanism for rural labour market development, and as a means to generate rural community resilience.


When working with Ontario’s land use base, planners must often make trade‐offs in priorities in striving for economic activity, managing resources and promoting public health/safety. The environment is often portrayed as a ‘development constraint’ which stifles progress. In southern Ontario this is especially so as a diversity of land uses vie for a limited land base – for agriculture, resource extraction, human settlements.


This research investigates the role of the environment as an essential ingredient for successful human settlements, for health and wellbeing and as a community asset that can stimulate economic activity.


The project proposal can be downloaded here.