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Final Report


Perspectives on Planning for Agriculture and Food Security in the Commonwealth


Principle Researcher: Dr. W.J. Caldwell, Professor,

School of Environmental Design and Rural Development

University of Guelph


Research Assistant:

Kelsey Lang, School of Environmental Design and Rural Development, University of Guelph


Funding provided by:

Commonwealth Foundation


Submitted to:

Commonwealth Association of Planners (CAP)
Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP)


University of Guelph, School of Environmental Design and Rural Development,


June 30, 2014

Project Summary

This research is intended to analyze a number of challenges facing planning for food security in the Commonwealth. A number of perspectives on these challenges and opportunities are covered in the document. It is noted that these topics are evolving and represent a snap-shot in time.


More specifically this research includes the following:


  • A top ten list of tools and strategies that any Commonwealth planner could use to move forward in planning for food security.
  • Five info-shees to give he basic facts about five tools Commonwealth planners could use in their practice
  • Case studies that detail the use of these tools in-depth
  • A literature review which contextualizes the planning issues surrounding food security


The report can be accessed HERE.